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Grimm Season 3 Episode 6 Stories We Tell Our Young

Family takes their son Daniel to see father at church, father make exorcist him. He start to change, he throw father knock out with door.

Nick and Hank go to see them at church, they found that father dead and Daniel is missing. But in room, Nick found him hidden in room.

After takes him to hospital, they talk to parent. They tell them about him seem he has mood swing, violent. He tell them that he used to see his changes, Nick thinks one of them must be wesen.

They questions another priest in room, he tell them about attack and how his face change. Nick and Hank see his change before left also.

Nick ask Monrole and Rosalee about him, they think that probably he is Grausens. It’s and old stories they tell when young. They are wesen spirit that possess human child.

They said that they have to inform council, they will make him disappear. Rosalee said that they have to report to council.

Next day council send a man to get the child, Nick and Juliette thinks that probably Grausens is disease. They go to check with his parent to figure out what happen.

They tell him about flu he got during the tour, they think if they kill what infect him they might safe him. At night, council man comes to ask Rosalee about where is child.

Nick after knows that he following him in hospital, but they found that hospital release him. They following him to house, told them about how possible they may treat him.

Council’s man get inside Daniel’s room, but Daniel wake up and run off. Nick following them in wood, and he found council’s man and knock him down.

Nick, Juliette and his father looking for him. They found him is freezing, Nick thinks that if they keep him freeze then it might kill what is inside him, then they see something get out his nose.

They get him back to house and warm him up. At station Nick get the medical report and give to council’s man to leave without Daniel.