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Haven Season 3 Episode 12 Reunion

She tell her that she kill Callahan few weeks ago, she asks what she has to do with her son. She tell her that her son knows how to stop troubles. She knock her down.

Nathan shows up to see Audrey, he found her is hit. She tell him about Skinswalkers in Callahan.

At night a man running from someone, he try to hide back of stairs in gym. But killer push switch to kill him.

Next day Audrey and Nathan go to see his body, she found that they are at Nathan reunion party.

Nathan and Audrey back to station, they are setup program to find out who the skinkiller try to build. Duke asks them where is Callahan, they finish the result and found that he try to build Arla, Audrey’s son wife.

Arla goes to see Duke, she tell him that she wants Audrey to go to barn so all troubled stopped. He asks what exactly she wants.

Nathan and Audrey found that one of his reunion is killed, they go to ask his friends again about them.

Duke is at the pier, he see the box of snake then he is hit and fell into water. Once he get out he become high school teenage.

He barge in the station to see Audrey and Nathan, he tell them he is Duke. Dwight tell Audrey about Arla, he tell her Arla was ask the guard to bring barn back.

Nathan question Jeannie about that, she refused. She tell him that her troubled is cake, every food she touch is become cake.

Vince and Dave captured Arla while she following Duke and Nathan, Arla said about another way to stop trouble. Vinces is surprise while Dave knock him down.

At night Nathan and Audrey are at his reunion, they are looking for killer. They figure out the trouble turn his bullies to teenage and he hurt them back.

They grab Duke and go to find him, while 2 of his friends talking Robbie in young age locked them in boiler room and release it to them.

Audrey and them found Robbie, they try to get them out. Audrey chasing him, he try to change her back but it won’t work. He then try to hurt her, Arla shoot him and left.

Robbie wake up and doesn’t remember anything, they explain him what happen. Jeannie confess him that she also like him.