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Grimm Season 3 Episode 5 El Cucuy

At gas station, Andres is beaten and robbed. His mother visits him in hospital, she prey to have someone get out those evils.

Juliette found that Nick’s mother still alive, he tell her about the fight last year. He tell her that his mother also Grimm.

Next night two robber from earlier, head to next shop they robbed and get out. while they head to their car, they are attacked by someone with crawl.

Nick and Hank go to check their body, they found that they are robber. They found the shop that they robbed near by, they check the camera they found some witness.

They question them but get nothing much, but one of them mention about ray. They check on him, he is really bad guy.

He is also wesen, Nick still get him cuff and bring him and dog to station. He refused that he didn’t.

At night, a man following a woman try to rob her. Something shows up and attack him to death. Nick and Hank go to see his body, and they talk to witness. She won’t remember much, but she tell him it might be El Cucuy. Seem all neighbor knows what is it.

Juliette knows about it too, she takes him to Pilar. She explained them the story about it, Nick found nothing about it in his book.

Day later, ray after get out he goes after a man in neighbor. They beat him down, at station when they check camera near around they found Mrs. Gracia are same with all victims. They go to question her at room.

They drop her near by because they have to stop a man from confront ray. But he’s beaten, Nick and Hank stop him. Then they found ray is attack by something, Nick get inside and found Mrs. Gracia.

They take her to question but they have to let her goes. Nothing they can do…