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Haven Season 3 Episode 11 Last Goodbyes

They gather all his friends here, Duke Dave Vinces Callahan Duke. They explain them about skin walkers, she thinks killer still among them.

They found more victims around the factory, for now they still don’t know who is him now.

Audrey questions them one by one start from Callahan, Duke, Nathan, Dave and Vinces.

At morning Audrey found that everyone in town is unconscious. She goes to check that station, she found Nathan also unconscious.

She wander around and found a man. He doesn’t remember anything, she asks him to shows her where he wakes up.

She notices an ambulance and found that he is on the way to hospital in an ambulance. She tells him about troubles, he doesn’t believe.

When they try to check his log on computer, somehow the computer is down. She suspects that he did it. She asks him to check on Nathan, when he checked he thinks this is not sleeping but coma. They will all stop breathing soon.

They have to found out who is he and what’s his trouble, after she knows he like basketball. She takes him to the gull, they found him on photo and his name is Will.

They go to his house, then Audrey found out that he is skinwalker from earring she found. He said now he remember this belong to his friend Erin, he convinces her to fixed coma first.

She takes him to see the body, then he remembered that they were attacked. She didn’t believe him, Audrey found that he disappear for 2 months. She thinks probably ambulance takes him out of hospital.

They go to check hospital, they found his relative. They found his chart, it seems he was here for 2 months and they are going to pull plug. They thinks he has to back to coma, otherwise everyone else died.

They back where he is awake, he is back to coma. Everyone now back, she tell driver to turn back to hospital. She tell his relative to not give up on him.

At night while Callahan is with Audrey to talks about the skinwalkers, she notices her from words that Will tell her when he kill Erin. Audrey make suspicious and she knows and point the gun at her.