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Grimm Season 3 Episode 4 One Night Stand

Teenagers are picnic near river, someone is watching one of then Jake. His girlfriend found that her sister is spy on him, she tell her that she love him. But she tell her to leave, she lure him in water. He and his friend is pulled to underwater.

But her sister get him up the ground, help him awake and run away. Nick and Hank found his friend body next day, he goes to check on Jake.

Jake tell them about yesterday story how they meet the other girls. He doesn’t remember also how he get out, but seem someone help him.

Jake and them go to the scene near river, Nick following her but he lost her in river. He checked the book and found she is niad.

They found Jake’s phone near by river, he takes him to there. They found his phone inside one house near river, Jake found those girls. But they don’t remember him, they takes her to station.

Nick found that they are all niad, but they won’t say much.  He said if not they will dead dry But they won’t say. Then their father show up and confess, but they know he lies.

At night Jake found that someone break in his room, Elly shows up. She shows him what she is. Then men from her village show up and knock down Jake and take Elly.

At station two girls confess to them after know their father confess, they tell them about men from her villages. Then Jake call him about Elly, they tell him that those men will takes her home.

Nick and Hank following them there, they struggle. But they tie Elly to the anchor she is pulled down the river. Nick after knock them down, he jumps to help her.

Hank is very panic, because Nick goes down very long time. But he is back with Elly.