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Haven Season 3 Episode 10 Burned

Nathan and Audrey go to see body at wood, they found it’s burned like Roslyn. Audrey suspect may be Tommy get off the boat.

Next they found van abandon in wood, inside they found ginger girl. She is looking for her dad, Nathan found that the van used by guard to transfer troubled to Haven.

They tried to question ginger but she won’t say anything, Duke try to talks to her. Nathan tell Jordan about ginger, Jordan goes back and meet Lance.

At station from autopsy they found the burned man is real Tommy and killed with bolt gun too. So who is that Tommy.

Ginger asks Duke to go out for icecream with her, while he argue with seller she is missing. He tell him that he saw her talks with her father.

Lances takes her and running, after run a while she can escapes. She tell her that she hate his gut, Lance stop and stab himself to dead. Jordan try to stop him but too late.

Audrey and Nathan go to see Lance body, she thinks that it’s ginger who control him. Audrey call Duke to warn him, but he already under her control.

They go to play at his shop, while Audrey and Nathan arrive she yell to him to protect her. He fell down on ground and unconscious.

Audrey questions ginger what happen, she tell her that people do what she said. Audrey thinks that if they found her father they might be back. She tell them about Jordan, Nathan goes to see her.

She said sorry, but the guard force her to do. She tell him about ginger’s uncle, Nathan goes to see him and found that one of the guard already comes here.

Jordan shows up and convince ginger that she will takes her to father, Audrey found that Jordan hostage her. Nathan also comes, he arrest her they found the guard use her father as bait.

Ginger said that she will asks Jordan, people always do what she said. Audrey thinks it’s dangerous, Duke wants to talks to her first.

She asks Jordan where is her father, Jordan tell that he’s on waterman lane. Nathan asks why they want Ginger. She said for in case that Audrey is difficult. Now she tell her to answer any Nathan questions. They tell her to go upstairs.

Nathan asks her how Ginger can control Audrey, they ask why they wants her she said last time Lucy refuse to go the barn. They ask what is this barn, she tell them they have no idea but if she goes inside she and it will disappear and once she is gone the troubled stop.

At guard house, ginger call the guard tell him to go to sleep. Nathan get in without any resist, Audrey and Nathan get in and rescue her father.

But while they are aware, one of guard shows up and hostage them. Seem when Ginger is with her dad her power is gone, Nathan tell him he will release Jordan if they let them go. They are deal.

Audrey found about place where the killer might goes, she and Nathan go to his hiding. They go to find him at factory, they found the setup inside.

They found Tommy skin inside, also Grady and Rosyln. Now they found the empty skin tank, so they said he could be anyone.