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Haven Season 3 Episode 9 Sarah

Duke goes to see Stuart, he say to him what are you doing here. Duke found himself again on beach, he try to find the signal on his phone. They he realize that he’s not at the present time but 1955.

He is in bar and when there is a fight, he also taken to station. But the bartender who he rescue him vouch for him so he is released. He is looking for Stuart, but he can’t find but he found world wide post instead.

Nathan tell Audrey that Vince and Dave dead long times ago, she thinks this is Haven things again. She get the letter from world wide post that held until today, she found that it is Duke’s letter.

She thinks while Duke trap in past, present is changed. They found that he saw Stuart before he missing, they go to see him. He tell her that she looks like her but not her, while Nathan shows up he disappear. He tells her that he knows that man.

Duke meet Nathan, he tells him about future that change. Duke tell him that he save the bartender’s life, later he found that he is his grandfather. They thinks they have to kill his grandfather to set thing right.

Callahan shows up and tell Audrey that she is the fugitive and wanted, she tell her to talks to Stuart. But she tell her that Nathan is dead, and Stuart is not live here anymore.

Nathan found his father while young at front of police station, he asks the man in tattoo about Stuart. He tells him he will arrives soon, one of officer call Duke’s grandfather about Nathan. He wants him to take care of him.

But once he is at dock and found that he has to kill vet. he refused, that officer try to kill him he is knock down by Duke. Nathan and Duke see Sarah with Stuart.

Nathan follow her to hospital, Duke goes back to talks with his grandfather. Nathan try to talks with Stuart but he won’t response, he is dragged out the hospital by Sarah. They start to talk, she tell him that she just arrives.

Duke convinces his grand father to leave Haven, then he see his journal from future. He knocks him down. He tell him that he is his grandson, he saw the news about his dead. He tell him that he needs to kill Sarah before she kill him.

Nathan found Duke tied, he tell him that Roy is going to kill Sarah. They rush to stop him, Nathan goes to warn her. He tells her to run until she knows Roy is dead.

She goes to see Duke but Roy also shows up, both of them point gun to each other. They decided to truce, but Roy try to hit her with knife. She shot him to dead.

Sarah asks Nathan why he knows, he tell her about troubled and how she can help. He wants Stuart to send them back,

They success, they are back home. Audrey tell them to hide before he send them back again. Audrey tell Nathan about Sarah’s baby is Colorado’s kids.

In past, general Howard tell Sarah that she can stay in Haven if she wants to.