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Grimm Season 3 Episode 2 PTZD

Nick break in their house, he try to get in the room. Hank and Monroe come to stop him. Hank use himself and lure him out of the house.

They trap him in the garage, but Nick break out. Sean and Monroe join hand to stop him. Rosalee and Juliette get him a shot, now they have to bring him back to shop.

When Sean arrives at station, he get the message from his men that Eric is dead in car bomb.

Nick finally wake up, he asks what happen. Juliette tells him about what happen, he feels sorry. At station Hank found that night, Nick killed someone.

At shop, they meet to make an agreement how to handle this, they plan to cover for him. Hank goes to check on those detectives, seem they didn’t found much.

At night Juliette found Nick is cold like dead, she hit him until he wake. She wants him to see doctor but he says he is ok.

Detectives question Rosalee and Juliette about what happen in bar, Nick found out that he beats one of them die in hospital. He is upset and wants to turn himself, Hank convinced him.

He goes to see Sean, he shows him the video. He convinced him to accepted their lie.