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Haven Season 3 Episode 8 Magic Hour part 2

Now they are looking for Noelle, Audrey asks Tommy why he is shooting at her. Tommy tell them about her boyfriends. they rush to see him. They found him pack with full medical kit, they think he is going to see her.

Audrey tell Tommy to cancel the roadblock, instead he tell them to shoot him at sight. They following him to her house, Tommy thinks she is downstairs. He found her and kill her dead.

Audrey found the photo of her sister Moira, she said they have to find her. She thinks she has to get out her trouble, she tell them to split.  Duke and Tommy go to check a house.

Audrey asks her boyfriend about Noelle and Moira, he tell her about their tragedy. Audrey goes to check a house, she found Moira. She tells her about Tommy, she warn Duke about him.

Jordan comes to see Audrey, she tell her about Nathan and Moira. They are going to trig her. They bring Noelle body to her, but she didn’t fell anything. Audrey thinks may be Duke can help because her blood with react with him. But she thinks it’s dangerous.

Duke act suspicious around Tommy, he knows he lies. Duke tell him that he knows who he is. He tells him about dead father and Alzheimer june, then they start to fight and struggle. While fight he found that Tommy also troubled, he throw him away.

Jordan shows up and catch him, then he get chance and escapes. She tell him that they need him to help Nathan.

Moira tells her that Noelle left her father died, Audrey see the sun is almost set. She thinks Duke might not on time, she thinks now only person she cared is herself.

Duke and Jordan arrived, he tested her blood. She is not yet, then Audrey realize that her sister brought her back since child. Now she is sorry and sad, she try to bring back both of them.

At first they thought it’s not works, but later Duke found out that she is troubled now. Both of them alive, Noelle also alive. She found that her sister revives more than one. She is dead happy.

Nathan suddenly talks about Tommy, they need to find him immediately. He is at cabin of Dave and Vinces, he tortures them for whereabouts colorado’s kid.

Audrey and Nathan arrive, they found Tommy get on the boat. They shoot at his engine and the boat explode. She wonders how they can hit it, finally they still can’t find his body.

Vince shows up and tell Audrey that once she here, he help to deceived her to protect her.