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Grimm Season 3 Episode 1 The Ungrateful Dead

Monroe takes them out of the zombie, Sean also following Eric from hotel. He arrives at container yard, he checks around and found they are moving the coffin. He see them get it on van, then he get attacked by zombie.

Monroe and them stuck, they climb up the container to escape from zombie. They still climb up following them.

Juliette call Hank to get help, he and polices arrive at container yard. They try to corner them to container, Hank call Nick but Sean get his phone instead. He tell him that his brother has him.

Sean picks them and goes to airport, they rush there before they get him out of country. Hank call airport to stop them from get out, police airports go to check their plane. But baron takes care of them.

Sean and them arrives found the polices and see the plane is gone. On the plane why baron is sip his drink, Nick break out the coffin. He attack him and pilot, he make the plane crash down.

At Rosalee’s shop, they found the way the treat them without injection, they put the antidote in container. At station Hank found the Nick’s plane lost communication and crash down.

The plane crash down the wood, Nick get out the plane and wander in wood. He walks until get out the wood, he see the town. He get inside and start attack people in bar.

Hank and them heading to there to get him, they found baron dead and pilots alive but not found Nick. They get called that he is at bar, they go to see him.

But he’s gone, Monroe said he can following him. He following him to the wood, Hank and Monroe¬†found his scent.

Nick is out the wood and found a family near their house.