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Haven Season 3 Episode 7 Magic Hour part 1

Rica and Dan are looking at their baby, they think she is dead. Dan is going to call police about it, then they see she is alive. They are happy while they are in town Rica is hit by car. He tell his daughter that he is going to fix it.

Duke and Audrey are going to see James, they are going without Nathan. Nathan and Tommy go to check on him, he is busy to call someone.

Jordan comes to see Nethan she tell him her friend Grady is missing, once she see the photo who kill woman at ATM. She thinks he’s Grady, she said she will bring him in.

Tommy following Dan to a club, look like he withdraw a large cash and drop there. Nathan and Tommy found Dan inside threaten his ME. He doesn’t want him to cut his wife. He said now the sun is set, then they see his wife alive.

Duke and Audrey go to see James, but they just found his tenant. He tells them he knows nothing about them, then they see symbol of the guard. They call  him and ask again, he tell them that he doesn’t know James but Cole is dead. Now they move June to home.

Tommy questions Dan about what happen, he tells him about dead of her daughter too. Nathan found that car is belong to Carter his partnership, he is surprise.

Jordan and Dwight go to find Grady, but first they go to see a guy Grady suppose to pickup. He is upset tell them he get nothing, he tells him while he wait him he is chase by cops.

Duke and Audrey go to see June, she remember her as Sarah. Then she suddenly forget why she is here.

Nathan and Tommy go to check Cater, they found he is dead. His wife tell them that he suppose to alive when sunset, they are who she said one who kill him.

Next day they checked all their employee and they found no one, then they learn about their housekeeper Moira. They found she also works for Dan.

Duke pick the photo album from June, they check and found james married to arla. They are going to check about her. They found that Arla killed herself when James is missing.

At Moira’s sister house, while her sister argue with her boyfriend. Moria barge in and ask her to leave, but she won’t. She shot him to dead, she touch him before sunset. He become alive.

Nathan and Tommy question him, seem Noelle her sister is troubled. Now they are looking for them, with roadblock they can’t go further.

Dwight call Nathan that he and Jordan found Grady near route 17, he is burned to dead in his car. Jordan tell him that it’s a police in his apartment do this.

Audrey with red hair like Sarah, she goes to see June. She found that James is her baby, they didn’t get anything else. They back to Haven.

Nathan tell her he needs her to help check Noelle, while he is at Tommy’s car he found out that his car wen to route 17.

Tommy and Nathan found Noelle’s cabin, they captured her. Nathan suspect Tommy, he get chance and found his bolt gun. He shows up and shot him.

Noelle get chance and escape, while he try to get her Audrey and Duke shows up. They found Nathan shot dead. Tommy said it’s Noelle shot him