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Grimm Season 2 Episode 22 Goodnight, Sweet Grimm

Nick and Juliette talk about what she saw, then they start to kiss. At night Baron cast spell on the group of his zombies.

Next day one of his zombie get on the train, he start to attack passengers inside. While other start to attack at shop and people.

Sean tell Nick about Eric in Portland, they will have appointment at night. Nick get informed that there is crime happen in city. He goes to check the scene, they found some of them still in building.

He goes to check them in building, they show up and attack them. Nick knock down few of them. He and Hank get one of them to Rosalee, he wants to check how to stop it.

Rosalee found antidote to stop it, they tested it on one that Nick bring to. Nick and Hank found that in 1 day 19 people are missing, they try to find this baron.

Sean goes to see Eric, they discuss about the key. Then they talks about Grimm, finally he said he wants him home. After meet with him, Sean following Eric.

Nick tell Juliette about Baron, Monroe call him to tell about antidote works. She wants to be involve too, they comes to Rosalee’s shop.

After questions that guy, Nick thinks that Baron might hide something in container yard. He saw it near his car that they found.

They go to check the container, but Baron is waiting them. He release all of them, Nick realize that this is a trap.

Nick found baron, he lure him to following him. They struggled and fell in the container, Nick found a casket there. He split green to his face…

Juliette and them get in their car, they are waiting for Nick. But too late, they are surround by zombie.

Eric show up with baron. Nick is sleep like dead.