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Haven Season 3 Episode 6 Real Estate

Chad and his girlfriend trespass in house, while they wander around she start to freak out when she try to get out the door close to her.

Audrey and Callahan are at party, she finish her sketch about Colorado’s kid but she can’t identify him. Then Chad’s girlfriend barge in and scream.

Audrey and Duke go to hat house to check, he tell her about Roland’s famliy. While they check inside they found a lot of mirror, she suddenly collapse when she looks in one of mirror.

While she wakeup, they found Chad dead in the bookshelf. when her girlfriend saws his body she scream and run off, Audrey and Duke following her they found that front door is gone. And now all windows suddenly close.

They thinks it’s Tina do this , they separate to find her. Callahan notices something when they get in they found Nathan instead, he tell her that she call her but Audrey said she can’t.

Now they are trapped, while Dave and Vinces found they are at that house they are surprise.

While checking Duke and Tommy heard scream, they see Tina is floating and there is another woman. Audrey and Nathan found out she is Jordan, on the floor there is a blood writing it’s your fault.

Jordan said she didn’t do it, Nathan tell them that she is with him. Then they heard the ring, they go to find it. Outside Dave, Vinces and Dwight are there they see the front door. But then it’s closed.

Duke and Tommy heard what Nathan confess to Jordan about prison break, while he try to follow her. He lost her, Audrey and Callahan found hidden passage.

They found their remains inside, when she looks at mirror she collapse again. Then she see Lucy and another man barge inside said that they are too late they are trapped here. Audrey wake up and thinks if she remembered then she can find the way out.

She meet Duke and Tommy, they try to tell her about Nathan. But she won’t believe then they are separate by house, they are knock down one by one. Audrey found a man in mirror roland, he said he stuck there because of her.

He said one day he found that he become to this house, he keeps his family in that room. He tell her that he watch his family die, he will make her loves one kill each other.

Outside Vinces and Dave with Dwight try to get in, but they thinks they need something big like C4.

Audrey found Tommy and Callahan, she tell them about Roland that he is a house and try to turn them each other. Audrey get in the hidden room again to remember, now she knows how to get out.

Duke and Jordan face each other both of them has a gun, Audrey shows up and stop them from killing. They start to shoot at intercom, mirror. Roland shows up in mirror, Audrey shoot him. He try to release gas, now they are looking for way out.

Nathan leads out to shoot all mirror and intercom, he distract him while they find the way out. He shoot until he wound and show the front door, all of them get out.

Nathan following them out, Audrey grab C4 from Dwight and throw back in house. Audrey found that colorado’s kid is James, Nathan guarantee Jordan to Audrey.