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Grimm Season 2 Episode 21 The Waking Dead

After get call, police rush to the house where there is a fight. They found house is stash and there is a body. Then a man shows up and attack them, they shot him dead.

Nick and Hank go there to check, they found that man has something green from his nose. Before left, Nick notices an old man near the house.

They found that guy is already dead 3 days ago, their ME also said it’s probably a mistake.

Juliette force Monroe to show her what he supposed to do before she’s coma. Bud also there, he ask him to show her. They decide to show her at Rosalee, Rosalee also agreed. Monroe is going to show, Rosalee stop him and wants to do first.

She show it to her, Juliette stunning and get out the shop while they decide to after her. She’s back, she seem set her mind. Then she asks Monroe to show her, ┬áthen he asks Bud to go first.

She still OK, now Monroe shows her. She really stunning, now seem she can accept what she just see now.

Nick and Hank go to check his body in hospital where he dead, Nick notices that old man again but he disappear.

At morgue, while ME is going to autopsy the woman’s body. She get up, ME freak out. Nick found that dead woman just wake up, they go to see her. But she is gone, they found that old man get her out. Police found the drug that make people looks dead and when wake up become aggressive in man body.

Nick found that old man in his book, seem he makes the zombie. That old man get on bus and start to split his green to passengers.

Today Eric arrives at Portland, he call Sean and tell him to meet with him. At Rosalee’s shop, they all tell Hank and Nick about Juliette. They going to have dinner tonight.

An old man baron goes to see Eric, seem they know each other.