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Haven Season 3 Episode 5 Double Jeopardy

At homecoming party, the guy in glass with his bag go after a girl he try to take picture under skirt. He goes back to his house, he notices someone in his house and he get killed.

Duke after get out the court he found a pretty woman beside his car which tired are stash. He found that she did, when he try to get cops she disappear.

Audrey and Nathan go to check at Jason apartment, they found he is take his eye out by spoon. They found that he is alive, and from Jason’s picture they found picture of woman.

At night that pretty woman shows up at Duke’s shop, he found she just get inside his shop. She throw him over the room, she start to attack him and his shop.

Next day Audrey and Nathan found Duke just get out prison, he tell them about that woman. Now they get call about her again, they head to see her.

They found that she is abused her child, now they put it together. Look likes she punish people for do something wrong.

She takes Duke to sleep with her, Jordan gives assignment for Nathan if he success she will vouch him.

At night Duke can’t sleep he make her to talks with him all night, then she fell asleep. Then that woman show up attack Duke, Audrey wakes up.

She shoot her to pieces, then Duke see her again. She throw her out the room and attack him and then left.

Audrey found that woman use the herald to get each victim, now Duke sketch her. Audrey meets him at courthouse, he tell her now he’s not in jail anymore. He notice that woman on court wall, they ask about her at Vince and Dave.

They tell them about her, they think she is golem and command by her master. After checked they found all victims are connect to Duke’s judge.

Nathan goes to ask Judge to transfer the prisoner as Jordan’s request, Audrey tell him that he is master who control golem. He rush in to see him, but he found him stab to dead in court room.

Audrey thinks it might be someone in court to knows that Judge is dirty, Nathan call Jordan about his task. He see her rush out, he following her. Nathan found out she rob the prisoner truck. He shows up to help her while she off guard.

They go to talk to Lynette, he try to provoke her. Lady of justice shows up behind him, Audrey tell her that he is a good man. She convinced her but then she thinks she is bad person, lady of justice coming to her. She push her in the paint…