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Grimm Season 2 Episode 20 Kiss of the Muse

Once Nick meet Hank at cafe, they heard the backfire. Nick run to check the book store near by, he found a man shot to dead and a man grab a woman. He help her free, that man run off. He jump to river to escapes from him.

From a girl, they found that the suspect is Anton, he is wesen also. She tell them that Anton keep coming at her even they broke up, she kiss Nick’s hand.

They found Anton’s place, they check his place. Inside they found a lot of her picture and paint. Since she kiss him on hand, Nick start to get obsess with that girl.

Nick goes to see that girl at night, he’s there and forget that he has appointment with Juliette and Monroe. That girl start to kiss him, Nick start to fallen at her. But once she knows that he is Grimm she is panic and said it’s a mistake.

He get remind from Monroe that he has an appointment, he leaves and goes to see Juliette. But he is not himself, before Juliette finish said he left her talk alone. His mind is over that girl, he excuse her and left.

Once he’s back Nick tell Monroe about her, he suddenly start to upset and argue with him. Monroe found something suspicious, once he talk with Juliette he call Hank to ask.

Hank found him at bar, he is obsess with the picture of Khloe. And he start to aggressive and fight with drunk man. Hank help him get out and get his picture of Khloe.

He shows it to Rosalee and Monroe, Hank takes them to his trailer. They start to looks who is she, Monroe found it’s Musai. They realize that her kiss make problem and it won’t end well.

Someone break in her room tonight, Nick shows up at station. Hank tell him about Musai, and her relationship in past.

Rosalee and Monroe check for antidote, but seems not look like only real love may help. Juliette wants to stay in trailer alone, Rosalee convince Monroe to let her.

Nick is missing they think he is going to see Khloe, Juliette tells Monroe and Rosalee that she remember now. Now she needs to tell him.

At Khloe’s place, she wants Nick to kill Anton. They struggled and fight over her, he almost kill him. But Sean and cop stop him, they question her at station. While Nick going after Anton as she wants.

Juliette and other comes to stop him, she finally convince him and back to normal. Sean goes to threaten her to leave and never come back.