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Grimm Season 2 Episode 19 Endangered

Nick check his book try to find out what the key leads to but he can’t find yet. At wood, one of ranger found deer is killed. He check near by and found a man who grow in blue. They struggle and grow man stab ranger to dead, ranger’s colleague found him dead and see the grow man far away.

Nick tell Monroe about key, Monroe tell him that he knows about map. He shows him the map that has part similar with his map from key.

The grow man head to the old barn, inside he give the deer to his wife. She’s pregnant, He tell her tomorrow they have to move again.

Nick talks to Sean, he tell Nick the royal has 4 keys. He has one, 2 still missing. They get one from his ancestor that betray the other. 3 from the tortured and blood. It may leads to forever life, alchemy secret, powerful sword or the nail on the cross.

Nick get informed about dead ranger and alien, he goes to check there. Witness tell him that he’s glowing he probably is alien.

Nick found piece of glowing man on fence, before they left they meet the alien hunter. The glowing man goes out to hijack car, and bring her back their place. They took her car off. On the way they found old cabin, they hide in there.

Nick get called from that woman, she claim that she is abducted. He questions her about it, but he get nothing. Alien hunter goes to check the old barn where that woman abducted.

Nick found the glowing man in his book, he goes to see Rosalee. She said they are rare, once she knows what he took. She said his wife is pregnant, her husband might hunt for her. Monroe comes and knows about it, both of them wants to help her.

At night her husband get another ovalry and head to his wife, he is eye by Alien hunter. He’s wesen, he take his sleep gun and following him.

Nick and them arrive and see Alien hunter’s truck. They check inside and found that he is not Alien hunter. They think he following him to get his skin.

They following the track and found the cabin, they found her is going to have baby. They are going to help her, while her husband comes in. She give a birth…

Then Alien hunter show up, Monroe attack him but he’s knocked down. Nick get his gun and shot him dead. Next day polices team track down and found the car, they see Alien’s hunter while he’s wesen. They thinks he is alien..