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Haven Season 3 Episode 3 The Farmer

Greg’s fiance waiting for him to pee in wood, she heard something she goes to see him. She found him lie dead.

Duke try to convince her to get vacation, she still insist to goes to work. She and Nathan go to see Greg body in wood.

They found his lung is come out from his mouth, while Nathan asks her out for theater. She decided to tell him about meteor storm that she will disappear in 46 days.

Then they found that lung they found is not from Greg, Nathan going to ask his fiance about what happen, she tell him she already did to Tommy.

They get disturbance call, they go to check the house and found Tommy. They found dead body, they question him. Nathan cuff him, they go check upstairs. They found Zoe, she asks if her brother ok ?

Seem killer remove her brother’s kidney from his mouth. He protected her from him, she seems not so well.

They checked Tommy’s history seems right, they ask him about killer. He wants to works with them, then they heard scream. They found zoe attacks the man, Tommy get in and knock her down. Tommy said that his killer is a man.

They think if the killer failed they miss their organ and troubles trig again. They found that all victims has same donors, they go to check fertilize clinic.

They thinks that he try to get his organ from one he donated, Audrey thinks they must break this cycle otherwise when his kid’s trigger start they will start to harvest again.

Killer trick the woman to borrow her phone, while Audrey and Duke go to see this guy. They found him with woman, when he try to suck her organ. They show up and chasing him away, but seem he trigger her troubled.

They found him from his plate, he is Harry. They found he is depart with his family, they thinks he should go to some of his friends first.

At wood Harry takes his older son to the wood, he is not well he is gonna take from his son. Audrey found his car, they found they are in wood.

They stop him before he attack his son, Audrey tell Nathan that she only need Duke. He knows now what she is going to do. She tell Duke to kill him, he is upset. Audrey tell him to leave.

At morgue they found there is a body what died with bolt gun, they tell her about Roslyn’s killer. She also died from bolt gun.

Duke tell Audrey that finally he killed Harry, he is very sad. At night Tommy is ambush by assassin, but he managed to kill him first.