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Grimm Season 2 Episode 17 One Angry Fuchsbau

6 months ago, her husband throw her from the 2nd floor because she didn’t wear the dress he wants. His maid and his driver see whole..

Nick decided to let Monroe takes Juliette to his trailer, at the court the trial is on husband but his lawyer pull some trick to all jury. They are going to believe them…

Monrole takes Juliette to Nick’s trailer, she said she remember that she was here but very upset. He takes her inside, she remember that she was there to see Nick. Before leave she start to remember everything Nick tell her. But she is very confusing.

Monroe tell Nick about Juliette, he tell him it’s better they stay out her way. At the court, Rosalee is one the jury in this case. The witness suddenly change her testimony after get trick from his lawyer.

After court’s break, Monroe following that lawyer in toilet. He see a toad drop on the floor before that lawyer grab it. He is eating it, he turned to some goat face.

Sean tell Nick and Hank about Verrat’s man he just killed last night, he tried to plant the bomb on him.

Monroe call Nick to help about that, Nick explain to Hank that after he eat toad will give him power to influence the other people. He said that he try to temp all jury.

They go in the court to check, now Officer Wu is a witness. Once lawyer questions him and trick him, he says something twist. They all surprise, at night they are waiting Rosalee. She upset that why she didn’t notices it.

They try to found how to block his ability for tomorrow, it’s an end of court. They found they have to neutralized his ability, but the problem is they need to have his sweat.

They found him at night try to get woman back to his room, but Monroe jump out him make him run away. Nick and Hank comes in and tell her they will cache him.

Monroe chasing at him, he make him run until sweat. Bud help him and get his sweat from him. He brings back to Rosalee, now she said they have to put in his toad.

Nick and Hank go to see him at room, excuse for last night call by woman he met. While they distract him Monroe has to inject the antidote in his toad. But too bad, Monroe found that he has 2 toads, but he has only 1 dose.

At court, lawyer still get his trick. He is closing his case, Nick and Hank shake their head. Adalin goes back to Eric, she tell him he has no key. He is upset, he is going to tell Grimm by himself.

At court, after jury meeting. They announce he’s guilty. While they are celebrate in her shop, someone come in. Monroe goes to see and found out it’s that lawyer, once he see Rosalee. He start to attack her, Monroe beat him down.

He then see everyone there, Nick arrest him for assault. He found himself next the his client… angry client.