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Haven Season 3 Episode 1 301

Nathan and Duke fight and struggled, while he get Nathan’s blood he become stronger. Then they see all metal suddenly float up on ceiling, Duke said he didn’t do it.

Audrey found out that she is captured and tie, one man shows up and ask her where is Colorado’s kid. She won’t answer then he hit her.

Duke tell Nathan while he has gun that he thinks whoever plan try to make them kill each other. He return him the gun.

They go back in town and found that town is chaos too, he notices that other woman is also captured from inn.

They go to see her son Wesley, he shows them where his mother disappear. They found a big trace of blood, he tell them it’s alien do it. The trace is gone outside and disappear. Duke trick him and try to get him at station, then he run out they following him.

But in under basement of the inn, Audrey is captured there. That man asks her again about Colorado’s kid, she tell him he died 27 years ago. He tell her that he knows she is the same person.

While Nathan and Duke chasing him suddenly all devices and engine are stop, they stuck somewhere.

Audrey hear the voice of other woman, she tell her that he is at other side of wall. She tell her that she is Roslyn and tied up. She tell her that Colorado’s kid visited the hotel, and she tell him about it.

While Nathan argue with Duke, he is pulled into wood with invisible force to crop circle. Then they see something fly and drop near Wesley’s house. Nathan and Duke get back in his car and following him, they found Dwight already captured Wesley at his house.

They found his house at lot of old article about alien, and all events become true. They think that Wesley might obsess and make it become true.

At night, they found that Wesley grandfather is abducted by alien, then they see object is flying. At basement, Audrey get herself out. She call Nathan about she is at Inn, then she heard someone.

Nathan and them rush to inn, Audrey finally found them. Then they smell the burned, they found that wesley’s mother is killed and burned.

Then they starting to see big object floating on the sky, they rush back in inn. Wesley try to use his machine to stop them.

They try to convince him to understand that all of these are not real, they trick him to believe that he has to go with them to stop this. He did and leave with it.

Once Audrey see Dave and Vince again she ask about Colorado’s kids. Vince tell her he died and he buried him at 301 plot.

Next day they go to see it, they open his coffin and found no body but brick. Then she found her handwriting write find him before hunter did.