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Grimm Season 2 Episode 16 Nameless

At game company’s party, they are celebrate their new game. A wesen sneak in the a room, Brody left the party to that room and get killed by it. He is cut to 2 pieces, Jenna found him and scream.

Nick and Hank go to the company to check Brody’s body. On the wall he write “Play my game”, they question his colleague and his girlfriend Jenna.

While they question them, suspect call them from the office. They rush to check, but they found no one but the clue say “What’s my name”. They check their security camera, but it was shutdown by someone in time of murdered.

Boss of company call Nick and tell him about Ridley, he used to go out with Jenna before Brody. Nick and Hank go to see him, he tell them that last night Brody’s avatar is cut in half in game by player “Nameless”. Seem it’s impossible to find out who is him.

Nick said that they should stake out “Nameless” in game, so they can check next who he is going to kill. They go to check with company’s boss, he track him and just found he cut a player┬áinto half. He tell them that she is Vicky.

They called her to careful, the police are on their way. Vicky after lock her door and window, she see it in her house. Nameless call Jenna after that he tell her that Nick died to show her next clue.

Nick and Hank found her cut in half, it left the other clue. They found that it’s a date and time but of what ?, They ask Jenna about it. She thinks it’s IT guy, he help her and team in exchange to go out with her. But she never go out with him, they sure that he wants to get revenge for no credit.

Nick and Hank found him in the book with several names, they found his name is riddle. They match the name with name register in game.

Jenna challenge him in game and tell his name, she cut Nameless in half. He is upset, he is going to get her.

He break in to her room, but police and Nick are waiting. He run off and corner on roof, he said he can’t lose then he jump of the roof.

Monroe tell Nick that Juliette wants to see his trailer, otherwise she will leave Portland.