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Haven Season 2 Episode 13 Silent Night

A woman is play the surf alone, then suddenly she is cut into pieces. Audrey and Nathan are at Joe’s bakery after finish their breakfast, they go to check about run away child, she tell them her mother is missing.

While they talking Audrey start to hear the music, then the man is fell from ladder while hanging his decoration he is choking. They rescue him.

Audrey tell Nathan this is strange it’s July why they all put the decoration for Christmas. At station they notice unusual accident, while Audrey still keep hear the song.

Officer tell Audrey that he catch someone who drop all gift around, she goes to questions him and ask him to take off santa custume. He won’t she get in and tear it off, then she found it’s Duke.

She found it’s a prank, while she is upset and talks to one of officer Stan. Suddenly he disappear, she asks them where is him they asks who ?

They seem don’t believe what she said, Audrey thinks it begin since the bakery shop. She back to there with Duke, but she found the bakery is changed it’s not belong to Joe anymore. And seems nobody know Joe.

She remind some call about half woman, they rush to check. Duke tell her that someone try to call 911 but nobody pickup, Audrey call back to Nathan and tell him about send someone there, he tell her there is nobody except them at station.

Audrey heard song again, now Duke ask her what they are looking now ? she found the body is disappear.

They go to check and found that in past there is a man Chamber who claims that something is missing before, Audrey remember that the father of run away child is Chamber. May be he causes of all this, but they found he moved to Detty.

They following until almost out of town, they found car accident. They found car part just missing, then she found that Duke also gone.

Audrey then found the bird hit something and fell down, they found the invisible wall. They realize that probably Chambers also stuck in town, they go to see him.

While they check his shop, Nathan is missing now. She back to see Vince, she wants him to check the list of address. She rush to there and found him with globe.

After talks with him, she thinks it’s his daughter. Now her father also gone, she found out that she is hiding at the theater.

She tell her that now Haven is turning to her snow globe, she won’t believe and bang it. Then snow start to fall, even she hand it to her it won’t stop. She convinces her to understand, finally all people start to coming back.

At night Audrey start the party for Christmas.