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Grimm Season 2 Episode 15 Mr. Sandman

At night a man park his car in front of church, he is Andre he get in the group. He drive one of the woman in group home, when he talks to her he put something in her eyes. She become blind, he do something on her face and left her like that.

At dinner, Hank, Rosalee, Monroe and Nick talk about Sean. They think probably he is half-royal and half-hexebiest. That’s why he need Nick to deal with his family.

They goes to check that woman, Nick found that something wrong with her eye. They go to check at the group, they tell them about andre.

At morgue, they tell them that she is blind. Because of parasite, she can’t tell them more.  Andre now is at a house, he just make another woman blind. While he lick her eye, her friend come in she ask for help. She rush out to find out the help, Andre hide and leave.

Nick and Hank get another call, this time victim is alive. They found that he uses same technique to get the girl, and blind them.

They go to check in the book, they found him as Wesen who steal tear. At hospital they tell them it’s the same MO, and parasite is group double speed. They go to check 2nd victim at hospital, they found the worm crawl out her eye…

They found his car near school, Nick and Hank go in to check. They spot him get out school with woman, he spots them too he run in school. They chasing them, Nick found them. But he turn and put something in his eye and escape out.

Nick wants Hank to takes him to Monroe, they will fixed him. Rosalee tell them it hate light, they put light in his eye. She found the cure is from Andre, they have to pull his eye out while alive.

Andre is back to 2nd victim house, he found her sister crying. Nick tell Hank that he thinks Andre might back to victims family, They go to see him now.

Andre show up and try to blind her, she close her eye and fight him back. Nick and them arrives at her house, Nick is in the car and heard her scream. Andre panic and leave her, Nick and Rosalee get inside. Nick heard his noise in house, he and she following him.

Nick found him, he asks Rosalee to get Hank. Nick get him and fight with him, Nick knock him down. He hold them while Monroe get his eye out, they put his eye mix with potion and put on his eye. Andre wake up and climb down, 2nd victim’s sister show up and stab him to dead.