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Haven Season 2 Episode 12 Sins of the Fathers

At night Bill is wake up by Arlo, he tells him that his wife is in danger. But Bill knows Arlo is already dead, he tell him to help his wife.

While Arlo leads his wife down stairs, then he turn back and try to grab her. She scream while Bill is coming. He shoot through him and hit her dead. He said this is for affair with his wife.

Audrey barge in to question Dave and Vinces about picture of him and Lucy, she is upset and wants them not to lie. They tell her that she were Lucy, and before that is Sarah. But she always get same looks, Vinces give her back her ring. But before she asks more, she get the call about body.

They found about Arlo and Bill, Nathan tell her that neighbor see Arlo walks out but he was dead.

At his boat Duke found his father shows up, he see his weapon. He asks if he cure anybody yet, he explained him that if they kill someone it will kill curse too the curse will never comes back. That is their trouble.

Audrey and Nathan go to see grave digger, he tell him to dig Arlo. They found the body, now they get other body. Dead girl tell her brother to killed, they go to check him. He tell them that his sister tell him that victim raped her.

At grave, the digger see reverend. He wants him to help him finish work, Duke’s father convince Duke that it’s his destiny.

Audrey and Nathan found out that all ghost are buried at same grave as reverend. Nathan tell Audrey about Duke, he tells her that his troubles come from him when he’s back.

Nathan start to see ghost but she can’t, now they all leave. Audrey spot Duke, he tell them about weapon that can end the trouble but he has to kill someone.

Then they spot old chief, Nathan’s father. He goes to talks to him. He tell him that she is more important to town, she can’t died.

Audrey takes Duke as her eye to following ghost, she spot the red cross on road. She stop at house and see likes someone is attack. While she check around, Duke spot reverend. He threaten Audrey to him if he won’t following him.

He ditch Audrey, she has to goes with Nathan instead. They stop at one house, Audrey see woman comes out with color in her hand. They following her into the wood, they see a barn with armed men. They see the people unconscious inside, then they see reverend and Duke.

They are captured by those men, Duke refuse that he didn’t work for reverend. Audrey tell Kyle that it’s him that make ghost happen not god.

reverend and his father tell Duke that he can safe his family from this, one of men give him a knife. Kyle also tell him to do, his father tell him that when she called Sarah. She killed his grandfather, while she called Lucy she killed him.

Kyle grab his hand with knife and stab himself, he tell him thanks now his son is safe. Once he died, all ghosts are gone.

At house while Audrey expect Nathan, she is electrocuted by someone. Nathan arrive and found out that she is missing. He thinks it’s Duke, he rush to ask him. He refuses, Nathan is going to kill him when Duke see the tattoo on his arm.