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Grimm Season 2 Episode 14 Natural Born Wesen

Juliette is upset and wants to call ambulance, Monroe try to explain and calm her down. Nick finally wake up, they start the 2nd step. Rosalee gives them the drink, after drink Juliette get out alone. Nick following her to be sure she is safe.

But when she get inside, she see a big hole in her house. And she can’t get out house, she scream…

At day, Monroe goes to bank to make deposit. But there is robbery. He found that they are wesen. They get money and get out.

Nick explain Hank about key and map, he didn’t see her yet. Juliette still trap in her house with big hole, while she start to climb up stairs. She see long stairs.

Nick and Hank go to see Monroe at bank, he tell them that they try to break their honor law. There’s also meeting related to Wesen and Grimm, they found it in his book.

As they are Wesen it might difficult to find them, they are checking old case related to them.

Sean meet with Nick, he tell him about their situation. They need to work together to make a history.

Monroe call Nick that he found some bar that wesen gather around, they might find them. Once Nick and Hank there, Monroe said he will goes inside alone if there is a problem he will come out.

He asks around bank robbery, nobody talks with him. Robbery gang remember Monroe from the bank, they go to see him. He tell him about code, and then they start to fight. Nick and Hank get inside to stop them, they fake that they didn’t know Monroe and capture him away.

Now they knows their ID, but they have to find the evidence. Monroe tell him this is serious, he may be to act as Grimm.

At night, the gang plan to do next hit in bank. In morning, Hank and Nick goes to see their place. But they notices someone running off, they found he is homeless man. Seem he is scared by them,

Juliette found out when she walk on hole, it become gone. She tell Nick that thanks for calling she feel much better.

At day, robbery gang hit the next bank. They killed some people on street while they escape. Monroe asks Nick about wesen council, he tell him that they takes in seriously. Nick get call from next robber, he goes there.

After robbery gang back to their hideout, one of them complaint about shot people death. The others seem doesn’t care.

At Rosalee’s shop, Wesen gather around to talks about robbery. One of them wants the council, she convinced them to go home. She tell Monroe about it, it happened with her father. Her father has connection in council, she call them.

At night, Sean send photos of robbery to them too. Nick and Hank found their address, they go there and found one of them dead.

Groot send people after them, while Nick and Hank go after them. They shoot at them, then they struggled and knock both of them down.

Nick and Hank take them to station, then one man show up and kill them both.