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Haven Season 2 Episode 11 Business as Usual

Reggie is join the marathon, a woman after offer him a water he drinks a lot and then become dried and dead.

Audrey and Nathan go to check his body, Dwight knows him. He said he is going to have meeting with troubles meeting. Then they heard the argument outside, a man accuse other one that he saw he goes out with Reggie before he come back.

Nathan ask his name is Patrick, he is accuse Stu and threaten them that if they screw up again they will both down.

They get another dried victim, they question his wife. They found that Stu knows about his troubled and he manage that meeting.

They found Stu’s house is break in, they found his wife is tied and he is kidnapped. After question her, she see one of the kidnapper has number on his leg. They think he is Patrick.

They question him at station, but he refuse. At day Duke show his silver box to Dave and Vince, both of them know what is it. Dave tell him he will check info about it while Vince tell him he doesn’t know. Once he left, Vince call someone to do the job for him.

At night when Duke back his boat, he found Dwight is lurking inside they struggled and something in fall from his box. Dwight grabbed the box while he get the key. He convinces him to cooperate to find the truth.

Dave tell Duke about set of these box, Duke and Dwight thinks if his father wants to hide something it might be in his old boat.

Audrey arrest Patrick at his factory for jaywalk, while she is argue with Nathan. They heard the fire alarm, she thinks Stu is in trouble. She goes up to check the factory, she found him tied to chair around with fire. He tell her that his sweat kill people, she said she fine and get him out.

Duke found out that his dad has another boat, and now it’s his boat. They tell Stu to get to somewhere safe, his wife decide to go with him. Before he left he gives him to manage the meeting for him.

Nathan gives her the address of Lucy, she is going there. She found a woman is fishing, she asks her about Lucy. She tell her that 27 years ago she told her she will come back.

She tell her that 27 years ago, she run from someone and she knows how all this troubled start and how to stop. But those people after her and try to stop her, she had her memory before too. She tell her about Simon Crocker, Duke’s father that he came to help her but she didn’t believe and tell him anything.

Duke found something hidden in his boat, he found another silver box. He use the key he found open it, inside there is weapon and diary.

Audrey shows up tell him about his father and Lucy, while they are talking Dwight try to get the box out. Duke cut him with his blade, then he collapse.

Dwight try to hit him again, Duke then get power and hit him to water. He goes back to tell Vince about it, he tell him that Duke cut him.

Nathan shows up at troubles meeting, Vince warns him that this is dangerous for him. At boat Duke seems has no more that ability, they try to found out what’s in the box.

In his diary, they found his writing he wants to kill Lucy.