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Grimm Season 2 Episode 13 Face Off

Nick is upset after knows that it’s Sean. He wants to confront him, but he get called from homicide that he did. He goes to check there, Sean get someone to open the door for him. He is checking for the key but he get called for homicide too.

Nick meet him there, he staring at him and upset. Police found their tattoo in their hand, they think they are same men from earlier. Sean get called from Juliette she wants to see him.

From security camera, they get Monroe out of hotel right after the victims following him. Nick said he can’t be get them down by himself.

Monroe learned from Rosalee right that he tell her about Sean and Juliette, she said he might be the one who wakes Juliette. She said she will back tomorrow.

Sean goes to see Juliette, Nick following him there. He see they kiss and enter the house, he going to get in. Monroe call him and explain him about spell that make them do that, Nick leave. Monroe tell him that might be connection between Hexebiest who come to ask ingredient, Sean and Juliette.

Inside they stop before they go further, they fight and Juliette fire his gun. The polices come down to her house.

Nick found that hexebiest who comes in shop is Adalin’s mother, so she give Sean the spell breaker and wake up Juliette. So she will obsess with him and break up with him.

Monroe thinks if they can find her mother, Nick tell him that she’s killed by his mother. Nick get called from police tell him about his house, and gun fired. He rush there.

Nick goes to see her, she won’t tell him. He tell her he knows who is it. At night Adalin get release from prison, Sean get her and tell her to fix him.

Rosalee assume that Sean might be the Royal because he make the purification, she said if they can’t fix one of them will be end up death.

Sean is in his trailer and search for key, but he won’t find. Then he remember that he see Nick put something in his drawer at Station.

Rosalee found the cure, but it needs both of them takes it and the cat. But they lost it long time ago, but seems there is alternative way.

Sean get the key from his desk, then he meet Hank he is back from hospital. Rosalee get Nick the Drink, he get call from Hank that he get something from his drawer. Nick tell him to stop Sean from leave.

Nick rush there, Hank try to stall Sean. But he still leave, Juliette tell him that Nick knows about him. He get his room, Adalin asks him about key. He tell her he can’t find it. She leaves him.

Nick meet Hank, he tell him about Adalin release. Nick tell him he has to after Sean, looks like he playing him since start. He wants Hank to find Adalin, while he left. Sean call him and wants to meet with him.

They make appointment in abandon house in wood, where he first meet the Wesen. Nick start attack him, after fight a while. Sean tell him that he return him a key, he explained him that if Adalin get key, they both dead.

He said he wants the things between him and Juliette end too, but he has no idea how. Nick said he knows how, they go to takes Juliette and back to Rosalee’s shop.

Nick drink the potion, he start to burn up like Sean and he turn to red…

Adalin found that she’s pregnant.