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Grimm Season 2 Episode 12 Season of the Hexenbiest

As soon Juliette see Monroe, she get out the shop. Sean following her out, but she is gone. He also leaves and upset to the station, Nick get called from Monroe to invited him to talk.

Adalin is at Portland, she asks her men about Sean and his lover. Nick stop by Monroe first, he tell him about Juliette and Sean. He thinks that it might be something about Adalin’s spell. He won’t listen and get out.

Nick confront Juliette about it, he asks her who is him but before she said anything he said he don’t want to know and leave.

Juliette goes to see Monroe about it, she need his help. Adalin’s men go to see Sean at station while Adalin goes to see Hank at his house.

After she finish talks, Hank get attack from her men. Adalin goes to see Sean, tell him that his brother wants Nick’s key in 48 hours otherwise Nick will be informed about what he done to his aunt, his identity.

Morning, Nick get called from officer that Hank is attacked and in hospital. Juliette asks Monroe about what he was trying to tell her before she’s coma.

Hank tell Nick about Adalin after he awake, He tell him that he get beaten because she wants something from him. Monroe call Nick about Juliette, he tell him about Hank and Adalin. He wants him to keep her safe but she already left, Juliette meet Adalin before she left. They go to have some coffee.

Nick found that Juliette is missing, Monroe comes by and stay with him.┬áNick found Juliette at coffee shop with Adalin, she is going to tell her about Nick’s trailer. Police get in and arrest her.

Nick questions Adalin, he asks her about Hank, her mother’s murdered, but she asks him about key. Monroe call Nick about Verrat, he smell them there at Hank’s house, so they think she works for royal.

Adalin tell Sean about Nick Aunt’s trailer, he get someone to find it so he can get the key. Monroe goes to check at Adalin’s hotel room, he found more than Verrat. He call Nick to help, while he lure them following him out the room.

Nick is waiting them there, he beats them down while one of them try to tell him. She is killed by one of them to shut her up. He goes to see Adalin, she tell him that she works with royal and there is royal in portland.

Nick get out from Juliette’s house to protect her, and goes to be with Monroe. He shows him the man who with Juliette. He is Sean, and he found his trailer.