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Grimm Season 2 Episode 11 To Protect and Serve Man

7 years ago at night, Hank and his partner goes to check the house after the called. Inside he found the body and he notices the suspect running out, he grab him Craig. He tell Hank that they are monster…

Hank tell Nick about Craig, he is going to put in death row in 36 hours. Nick check the evidence again, they goes to talks to DA who responsible about case. They go to check on Craig’s wife, she tell them that he has issue but he’s not murdered.

They goes to check his public defender, he shows them Craig’s drawing. They check the picture from his book, they found it’s Wendigo. They go to talk with Craig at prison, inside there are a log of Wesen look at him.

He tell them what happen that night, he said anyway nobody will believes them. They think that Wendigo usually bury victim in yard, but nobody dig their yard. They go to check their house, but it’s too late their house is change to shop.

Sean call Julliette about their problem, and asks her if she wants to try ? He tell her about Rosalee’s shop but before done he’s interrupted by DA.

Nick and Hank go to see Sean, they meet DA too. She tell them to stop, Sean tell them that if they make mistake then they will get big problem.

As they can’t dig to find body, Hank said that Johnny is survived. Probably he still do the same, but they can’t find him recently address.

Nick at home and found Julliete, they start to talk what happened to her. He decided not to tell her the truth, she is upset.

Nick found the missing person report, there are missing people near where he lived. Hank found the last working place of him, they go to check him.

They found him as assistant manager in warehouse, Hank confront him about Wendigo. He is upset and turn, he wants Craig die.

Sean goes to see Monroe, he wants him plan for their privacy and need to know how long it takes. Monroe said it’s depend of them, he said he will called him back.

At night, Hank and Nick go to check John’s house. Hank use the cause that John skip the warrant to get in. They found the hidden space on the floor, they are going in. They found the hidden space, inside they found bodies.

John is back and found them inside, he start to attack Hank. Nick is trap under the floor, Hank wound him and he can escape. Hank tell Nick to call DA, while he will following him.

John is back to attack Nick while he talks with DA, but after he knows he is a Grimm he jump out the window. Hank is waiting there, he won’t stop Hank shot him death.

Craig’s execution is stopped by DA on time, they get warrant to dig up the John’s old house. They found a lot of body there, DA reopen the case and pending his execution.

Sean and Juliette come to Rosalee’s shop, Monroe comes out and meet her.