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Haven Season 2 Episode 8 Friend or Faux

A man just wakes up and found his twin, he seems upset about him. He comes back again and shot his twin, he get in the car and found that his twin point gun at him. He tell him to get out, he has someone to kill.

At Duke restaurant, one of his employee Henry tell him that he is in trouble he see something he should not. Then he notice a man, he hide.

That man asks him about Henry, Duke asks him to leave. He start to shoot him, he yell Henry to run out. Duke shot at him, he escape in his car.

Audrey comes and asks him about what happen, seem he doesn’t tell them everything. But he gives them the license plate, from it they found his house Cornell.

They go to see him and arrest him for shooting, he argue that he is at house all day. Then they see his car coming and run out, They following it. He stop his car somewhere, and start to shoot with Duke. They shot the driver down, while they are talking they see another driver go in building. Duke rush in and said Henry is inside.

They following him inside, they found Henry. They ask him about Cornell, he tell them that he saw Cornell killed someone. Cornell shows up and shoot at them they separate, Nathan and Audrey see other Cornell. He tell them about them, his copies.

He tell them he doesn’t know how go get rid them, he knows his copies want to kill Henry. Audrey thinks that Henry might see him kill his 1st copies.

Henry decided to go back, Duke has no choice buy following him. Nathan get upstairs and found Cornell, he tell him that he just arrive. Nathan realize that Audrey might be in danger.

Audrey get attack by that Cornell, while Nathan and other Cornell comes back to see her. Audrey managed to trick him and cuff him.

Nathan and them will meet at atrium, while his copies kill himself to get out. But on the way Nathan found the body but it’s not copy, Cornell has chance and knock him down.

His copy shows up, he tell him that he created him to kill that man. Now they are going to kill Nathan, Audrey and Duke show up and shoot at them. But they are run of bullet, Audrey thinks of something.

She goes there to confuse his copy, it works his copy shoot Cornell. Before he disappear he give her his coin.