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Grimm Season 2 Episode 10 The Hour of Death

Nick has a dream about missing girl, the case he is working on and still has no clue. At Adrian’s house he is burning the missing girl photo, he is on the phone with someone he said it’s almost finish he has to feed her one more time.

Nick and Hank knock at his door, he found that he is burning her photo. Nick attack him, he turn his face but Nick still knock him down.

At station, they can’t get much from him. They have no choice but release him, before left Nick tell him it’s better he’s not lie. He said if something happen to him, it’s Nick.

Nick goes to see him with his crossbow, he get inside his house. Nick found him dead in his basement, Hank comes in and found him. He is brand with something over his body and wall. Office Lu comes in and tell them that they get call from him, confess that he did kidnapped.

At station they check his record when call and check the brand on him, but nothing so far. Sean make an announcement on TV with the brand, Monroe, Wisen friend of Nick see it and recognize. Monroe call Nick, he tell them about the symbol.

He tell him that symbol mean Grimm, they killed Wesen and tortured them. They are the nightmare of the Wesen, so seems they have another Grimm in city.

Once Nick back home, that Grimm call Nick he is disappoint what Nick did. He said he will see next time, at next day they get the video post about torture of Adrian.

They question the kidnapped girl about Adrian, she said she never see both of them. Nick found the van of her kidnapper, it’s belongs to Richard. Nick and Polices get him before he escapes, once he see him he thinks that he comes to kill him.

At station he won’t say anything because he worried about Nick is going to kill him. They left the room without him, after back they found someone release him. They goes to see him at his house, he found him dead and brand.

That Grimm called him again, said that he didn’t work on his job. At station they check the footage how Richard get out, from reflection they found Ryan the new intern.

They go to check his room, they found her mother she said he has important things to do. Hank found his room, it’s full of Nick’s photo. Nick found that he is after Bud, and Bud is working late at his workshop.

Ryan is going to torture him, Nick and Hank arrives and release him. Ryan run off, Nick is chasing him. Nick found that Ryan is also Wesen, he cuff him.