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Haven Season 2 Episode 7 The Tides That Bind

The group of kids are singing near the lake, they bind one of them with brick and throw him down. The man with tattoo that Duke afraid shows up and call them back.

Audrey and Nathan go to check near the sea, they found the body with tattoo. They found his keys and suicide note, they check his girlfriend. They found she works with Reverend at church.

They ask his wife about him, she said he might wants to die because money but she can’t found her son Daniel. He probably with him at the cousin’s house.

They goes to see this glendowers, they meet Cole. He tell them that Daniel is with them, they are not going to let him with his mother. They threaten them to leave.

Nathan and Audrey go to see reverend he see Daniel’s mother talks to him, he notices they prepare to see glendowers. He tell Nathan that he wants to clean the town for a long time. Nathan convinces her to use proper way, she agreed.

They found that Reverend’s wife may died because of glendowers. That’s why he wants to help her. At night they decided to sneak in and get him out.

They found Daniel is in the bath tub, he get up when he notices them. Cole shows up and asks them stop. They get back at him, Daniel feel sick when Nathan try to get him out. Audrey notices that he might wants to go back, she tell him to let him goes.

Cole explained them about troubles of glendowers, they can’t breath air. So they need to adapt to breath underwater. Then they found Reverend’s wife is not die, she fake her dead. Cole tell them that tomorrow some kids will not be able to breath the air.

They think Reverend kidnapped the children, they rush to church but they found Duke instead. They go to see Reverend and dock to ask about children, Cole shows up and try to get him but Nathan convinces him to let he goes.

Mary has the children, she tricked them there. She call reverend about children status, Nathan and polices come to get them. She threaten them she wants to talks to reverend only. He tell them he wants to goes inside alone, but they won’t agreed.

His wife shows up, she convinces him to help them convinces Mary to release children. He get inside for long time and finally comes out with children.

They found that Leith is murdered not drown, they go to see Cole. Daniel see that Leith try to blackmail Cole for Reverend’s wife secret. He tell Nathan that after troubled done he will come to pay his crime.

When Duke asks Cole about his father, he warn him not to following his father step.