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Grimm Season 2 Episode 8 The Other Side

At night, after group of teenage finish their party, they separate to their home. One of them get bite by something. Tonight Nick takes Juliette to the honor party, she meet Captain they feels awkward moment. Nick and Hank get called, Captain volunteer to get her home.

Captain sneak in her house, and following her in bathroom. But he stop himself, when she get out he’s gone.

Nick and Hank found his body, they found his phone drop near. They question their friend, they found out about their competition. Then they meet his coach he is very upset and turn to wesen.

Hank thinks probably is one of his friend, his captain said he need the evidence. At Rosalee shop, Captain Sean goes to see Monroe for medical for obsessive. He asks him several question, and left.

Victim’s friends get meet outside, but she was there first and get attack from behind. Nick and Hank go to see her body, they found one their friend watch there. Pierce, they go to check him. His mother and him turn to Wesen, she tell them that he couldn’t hurt anyone.

His coach call Pierce’s mother to cancel the competition, she is upset. Next day Nick and Hank found him dead.

Eric takes Adalin to his place, they talks about her mother and his brother Sean. He tell her that Sean is half-royal, his mother is hexebiest.

Pierce though that her mother killed them and hide it, he call Nick but his mother stop before he said. Nick and Hank go to see him, Pierce’s mother try to calm him down. He found out that actually he is the killer, he suddenly change and attack her.

Nick and Hank come in, he fight with him he knock him down. Hank comes in, his mother tell them that she alter his gene when he born. He doesn’t know about it, seem when he change to Lowen he won’t remember himself.

While they talk, he escapes. They found him on the water building, he trying to suicide. Nick finally get him safe, they charged him for homicide.

Sean goes to see Monroe again, he tell him there is no where to stop it unless he knows both of them well. He tell him it will goes worst and worst.