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Haven Season 2 Episode 5 Roots

Peter make his marriage party at his house in remote area, his son kick a ball in wood. Then a ball throw back damage.

Audrey shows up to give him marriage license, but his bride father Ben wants to cancel his wedding. They separate then Audrey hear the scream from toilet, she found the broken windows and trash room with blood on windows but no body.

She found that no signal and landline so she can’t call back up then She something drag into the wood, she is following it.

She found trace end near the small hole, she found mayor’s son Chris following her there. Then they notices the glass of victim but not him, they back off out of the wood.

Audrey try to ask about Ben at Peter, his bride tell them about argument about Land. Peter then cut the chase and leave them.

Audrey heard scream, someone found Ben. His body is separate, Audrey found Chris and Peter’s bride there. Audrey suggest that may be wood did this.

Audrey tell them to gather in house for safety, his bride start to argue with Peter about her father. Audrey heard something, she tell them to quiet. Then one of workers try to get out, she is drag by tree root to the wood. Then they see a lot of root coming at them. They rush to the barn.

Then inside barn some of them start to argue, Audrey tell Chris to stop them. Then they see the roots cover all barn, Chris tell her soon it will crush the barn.

Nathan, Dave and Vince are also nearby the wood. They also notice the roots, now it cover their van.

Duke and his wife already there to see their antique to bride’s grand mother. Audrey learns from him that she need to wait Ben to sign the money. She asks Chris to comfort the wife, she thinks this is come from people not plant.

She asks Duke to go up and look outside, but he found that he can’t go out. Audrey question Bride’s grandmother. Then she start to argue with other old man, then root break in. Duke rescue Audrey from it, it get in and after everyone quiet. It back off.

Audrey notices something, she tell Chris that she thinks it’s hated that attract the root. But how they can make they not hated each other.

They thinks they can fight it with love, they try to talks to bride but she is upset. Audrey found that her grand father and other man love each other, and her brother lie to her to stop them to be together. Now they both know the truth,

When she try to test her theory, Nathan barge in with his flare. He tell her that he comes for her, Audrey tell him she get it.

She open the door, and tell everyone stay close to bride grandmother’s couple. And walk out by couple by couple safety.

Tonight Chris comes to get Audrey to date, but after they talks they make out…