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Grimm Season 2 Episode 7 The Bottle Imp

At gas station, father Granger and daughter April comes to get some gas. Owner keeps tell father that his card is denied, he is upset and killed him.

Nick and Hank go to see his body, from footage they found where he lives. They and polices go to check his house, they found his wife cover with blood. They send her to hospital, she still alive.

They check his computer and they found some pictures about weapon and look likes he is building something, Nick bring Hank to his trailer to check the books. They found what’s it, seem he is make a den.

Granger takes april to his den, but he still needs few more thing from store. Today that man he hijack his truck wake up and call police, Hank and Nick found that he is around the highway patrol.

They with polices and dogs found the entrance to den, Nick found April inside. They question her at station, they ask her about her parent. Social service comes to take her to some family until this done.

They found Granger head to hospital, they following him there. They found them together, his wife tell them that she can’t control herself. Her daughter is the one who attack.

At family, April is get fight with family children. She is upset and start to attack them. Nick and Hank found her, the family run off. He takes her to someone introduce by Monroe, she tell him that she can control her. She change her face to show him.