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Haven Season 2 Episode 6 Audrey Parker’s Day Off

Today Audrey takes Chris to school, she has due as Career day. She tell stories to the students. After done he takes her to picnic, but there is some incidents happen she has to goes. She found Nathan shows her the kid’s shoe, he is dead.

Then she found herself awake again with Chris like deja vu. She knows what Duke is going to say, she paid his rent. She left with Chris to school as career day, she knows what student going to ask.

Audrey goes to see Nathan tell him that tree is going to fall and make kid die. Now they found tree is falling, they rush to find out before kid die.

Then she see a boy near the canal she check him and let him to school. Then she heard the accident, she found Duke is hit by car and die. She thinks that he didn’t come here before so he come here because of her.

Audrey wakes up again, she rush to see Duke she is so happy he didn’t die. She left Duke with Chris. She rush to school tell Nathan about what it will happen, he tell her that probably driver.

After checked the kid at school, they go to check around where Duke died. She hear the bell at noon, she tell him to be careful because last time it happen after ring bell.

Then Nathan found the car rush to him, but he fell and he is stabbed by wood. Audrey rush to see him and he died.

Audrey wakes up again, and found that she get injures from time she cut by wood when Nathan died. She thinks that only she can stop this otherwise everyone will stuck on this forever.

She put Duke and Chris together, and rush to see Nathan. She explained him about this repeat except her. Now they need to find that hit-and-run driver, she tell him that last time she try to change but thing will change.

She tell him not to go to down town, she knock on each house to keep people from street. Then Audrey found Chris is not with Duke anymore, she try to reach him.

Then she see him there, he comes to give her some bandage. She try to get him out of street, then she see the guy cross the street after bell at noon. She try to get him out too, then she see the time is pass.

She notices that he has some problem, she help him across the street. She call Nathan tell him that she might stop this. Then the car is direct to her, but Chris safe her. Then she realize a man she just help cross street, he tell her that he sorry to make her cross the street.

She wakes up again, she tell Chris to stay with Duke here today. Audrey goes to school and talk with that man. While she talks with his wife, he rush his car out.

After Audrey checked with Nathan, she thinks she knows what happen. That man can’t cross street to see her daughter, she across to him and get him. He make it reset.

She found him on street, she get him in car. She explained him about it, he takes her to see his daughter. She bring her present instead, while he is in her car.

He tell her that he knows what to do to save his daughter, he get out car and get hit by car. He died and day is not reset.