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Grimm Season 2 Episode 6 Over My Dead Body

At night in bar, a man try to get laid on a woman by buy her drinks. She refused and get out, he following her out try to get her. His face change, but she too. She bite him dead, then she is gun by other man.

She is taken by that boss’s man. He upset because he now lack one to do the job, he offer her to do the job and get paid or otherwise get killed. She agreed to do the delivery, then she shows up at Monroe’s house.

He and Rosallee were in good time, until she comes in Angelina. she tell him they need to talk. Rosallee left, she start to tell him that someone paid her to kill him. He decided to call Nick, Angellina really against it.

Nick goes to see him and he see Angelina, they make some truce for Monroe. He takes him to Hank to hide, while he and Angelina go to see where she met the man.

There they found the police is checking the scene, Angelina comes there and show them to find his wallet and she also found his phone. Nick make a trace on it, they found one of them in hardware store. Angelina get in to talks with him, they found out he is on mark because of Grimm.

Monroe thinks that he will use dead faint to trick them tonight, Rosalee tell them that it’s dangerous. But he has to do, she bring his body to appointment point. After they checked they said they need to delivery his body to someone.

She get out her car and comes to check, she is friend of Nick’s captain that just arrived. After she checked, she left. But Monroe is suppose to wake up now, she is on fire so she can’t wait and wake him up. They start to attack them as soon they see he awake.

Nick and Hank shot them down, but Angelina get shot. That woman get away, she straight to airport. She meet Nick’s captain there, he asks her to tell him everything.