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Haven Season 2 Episode 4 Sparks and Recreation

Audrey and Nathan go to see baseball game, they meet Reverend there too. While the game is on, there is argument about judgement. Mayor comes to change the judgement.

Then there is electric cracking, it makes one of light fall down Audrey run to rescue one of boy. While electric hit the judge Kunkel down.

They try to found the reason for what happen but there is none. They go to question Kunkel at hospital, while Major shows up tell them to speaks in public and he agree.

Audrey think that mayor is make people around him weird, then he is shock by electricity and dead. When mayor’s son arrive, he get all attention.

Audrey and Nathan thinks that this father-son might has 2 different ability or his son has both. They go to question him, he is upset when he found that they suspect him. He doesn’t want the popularity from his father at all.

She questions him after he make a little shock at Nathan, but he refuses all. After that Nathan and Audrey goes to the mayor funeral. When mayor son arrives Audrey feels the electricity around again.

Then some people there get shock by electric include mayor’s son while they are panic. She tell them to stop moving, they are sent to hospital.

At hospital while Audrey question mayor’s son. A nurse come in, Audrey asks her to use machine then some how she broke it. She is sad and run off, Audrey tell Nathan it’s her that causing about electric. While they try to reach her, they are shocked and stop by electric wall. She escapes.

Audrey thinks she is mistress that they are looking, they found that police car near by they get video from car’s camera. They found mayor’s wife help she get out.

At station they found that the van they used belong to reverend, they go to the church but it’s closed. Audrey feels that she is here somewhere, then mayor’s son shows up. And then they found she is the church basement.

But they can’t get closed to her, Nathan thinks he can make a ground to neutralize her. While mayor’s son try to distract her, after talks Audrey thinks mayor’s wife kill mayor and try to blame it on nurse. Nurse is so angry and let out her energy, but Nathan already put the ground around the church to her.

Everyone seems safe, Nathan found Reverend outside he tells him that he knows about his truck. He threaten him that if he get evidence he involve he will put him in jail.