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Grimm Season 2 Episode 5 The Good Shepherd

Nick goes to see one of Wesen, he tell him about Juliette called. He tell him that she asks about Grimm, he thinks next time he will tell her that he is unavailable. Nick feels that someone is watching him.

At night, an employee Brewster is leave the office. He found someone with red eye, he sudden changed to sheep. He knock him down and drag him away. He throw him to the big grinder.

Nick goes back home, he found that Julliete goes out to drink with her friend. He is sad that she not even tell him…

At station the Reverend from church come to see them about money is hack from their account, he suspect his accountant Brewster.

In morning while the workers start the grinder they found body inside, Nick and Hank go to check his work place. They found him in grinder, Nick suspect Reverend. Because there are some case that accountant of church are missing with same Reverend.

They go to check him at church, they found Reverend try to claim the people in church. They see one of them turn to sheep, but he see Reverend as blutbad. He seems has his alibi. They goes back to Monroe, he said he will goes to find out.

Monroe goes to see him in church, he scared all people there. He trick them that he needs place to stay. Reverend fells in his plan and let him stay. Monroe found out that Reverend has affair with his assistant who is his alibi.

A man from Families sneak inside Nick’s house, he is looking for his key. While he still searching, Julliette comes in. He left before she notices.

They question his assistant Megan, they ask about her husband she said he takes money to revenge their affair. At night she ask Reverend to run off with her, they plan to plant evidence in Monroe before leave.

Nick when leave trailer, he is attack by a man from families. They struggled in the van, Nick managed to killed him. He found that he has the picture of his key.

Megan found that Reverend is cheated on her, she is upset and tell the other about killing and money.

The flock of people in church go to see him, one of them found victim’s computer. They now know Reverend lies, he found that Megan tell them. He is upset, but flock of them start to attack him. He is beaten well, then they turn direction to Monroe. He start to run, when he cornered Nick comes to stop them.

At station they tell captain that all of people in church confess that they beat Reverend, but they can’t find Mega she is missing.