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Haven Season 2 Episode 3 Love Machine

The fishermen are in their boat, one of them found his net stuck. While he put bad word on the boat, net is moving and throw full fish on him. He’s under fish.

FBI Audrey found something in Howard’s book, she tell Audrey she will go to check. Audrey get call from dock about accident.

They go to talk with victim, while talking that boat is moving but nobody inside. Victim yell that boat trying to kill him. Then the anchor from the boat falling on him.

Audrey talks to Halsey the owner of boat, that she needs to check who maintenance. He doesn’t feel good.

They checked with Vince and Dennis about that boat, they found it renamed to some girl. They said it’s bad luck to rename the boat and specially that boat already sunk.

They go to see a man who fixed that boat, Louis. They ask something strange on that boat, he tell them about bodies he found on boat. Before they ask more, his wife arrives.

They get call about another accident at port again, they found a man tell them that crane is move by itself and drop to the car. Fortunately noone killed, they notices that both victim get Holsey near by.

They suspect that may be it’s Holsey who control machine not ghost, Audrey tell him that they should provoke him on them.

So they go to see him at site and provoke him, then they found the forklift near by moving and coming to them. Halsey is cut by boat fan, they know that he didn’t control machine.

FBI Audrey wants Duke to get her somewhere, he has not much choice to refuse. While Audrey get call that hockey machine is shooting around itself. And a piano is play by itself. Nathan stop the hockey machine while Audrey stop the piano.

They notices that Louis also fix these piano and hockey machine, seem the thing he fixed become life. They go to to see Louis but they found they are lured in by machines, they attack them.

Duke drop FBI Audrey at some island, she found the house. She enter it and surprise what she found. Duke following her and found her, but she seems lost her memory.

Nathan and Audrey wants to find Louis before any machines will attack more. But at his house the machines he fixed start to turn on. They found Louis run of his house, he tell them about machines attack him.

They found that 2 victims is good to Louis, one of them offer his work. One of them going to go with him somewhere, he realize something.

At hockey field, the hockey car hit marcia one of people Louis love. But when they arrive she still alive, Audrey thinks it try to send a message.

Audrey shoot the car, tell him to fix it. She tell him he has to choose them over her. She tell him that he has to stay her and let her goes.

At station they found that FBI Audrey didn’t remember anything, they ask Duke about it. But he doesn’t see anything. Seems she doesn’t remember anything even her name. They call Brad her boyfriend to take care her, seems she remember him.

Audrey and Nathan following FBI Audrey trace to the house in island, but they found house is gone.