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Grimm Season 2 Episode 4 Quill

The ranger’s car get hit from the back, when he goes to check the driver. He start to attack him, the ranger turn. His spike get him off and run away.

Nick and Hank go to where it happen, they follow the driver to building. In side it’s torn up, they found him torn up the room. He coming to them, they tell him stop but he , won’t. He turn his face to rat before they shot him dead.

His captain after found out from his spy in families, that they send another one to get the coin from Nick. He asks the police to get info about who arrive, he found that one of them after land. Several caps are missing, he tell Nick and Hank to check him.

Monrole and Rosalee go to picnic in wood, the ranger who fight with sick man just arrive near them he is sick.

Nick and Hank found that the victim are infected from pig, while Officer Lee goes to check victim’s wife. She is sick and attack him, he has no choice but shoot her.

At picnic, while Monrole and Rosalle are happy. Sick ranger comes in, he start to attack them. They escapes from him, after Nick and Hank check victim’s wife body. They heard the assault from ranger they rush to there.

Once Monrole and Rosallee back at shop, she start to have sick symptom. Nick call Monrole to ask about this sick, while he explain Nick he found that ranger scratch Rosalee. He try to make her focus, to make a treatment. She found the ingredient but he has to do it, she tell him to tie her.

Nick and Hank comes with ranger, Monrole finish his cure but she get out. Nick get out to get her back, they give her the cure. Cure seems works for them.

The new man from Familes is on the shop roof, he saw everything.