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Haven Season 2 Episode 2 Fear & Loathing

Nathan tell the town people about the dead of chief, his father. At shop while Duke go to get his stuff, the shop owner see the woman cover with blood. One of them see the big dong, one of them see her latest husband.

Duke see a man with tattoo, but he is awake by some one near by. He disappear, when he looks again.

The other Audrey tell her that they need to find her agent howard to see what’s going on. Nathan shows up and Audrey found that he is bleeding then he felt it. He try to knock the table he also felt it.

They go to question people at shop, but they found nothing related to their stories. Then they get call from station, there is a chaos there.

Dave and Vince also at station, Dave see someone not possible. 2 Audrey arrive there FBI audrey see a clown while Audrey see some woman. But she walks away.

Audrey tell Nathan about clown, she thinks that when people see this girl they see the most they afraid of.

Aubrey FBI goes to tell Duke about tattoo man, she tell him that the man he saw is not real it’s because he saw that girl. She asks him about other Audrey Agent Howard.

Audrey get sketch done from Vince, but Nathan never see her. Duke shows Aubrey the marina security cam, they found agent Howard talks with chief.

They found that girl is Jackie, they go to see her at house. But Brian is going to see her, she try to chase him. Then he see something and scream.

Nathan and Audrey go there and found Brian, he tell them that he just stab the burglar like he saw when kind. Audrey thinks it’s Jackie, then they heard the scream of woman. She tell them that she see the man in house. They go in and see her, Nathan is so afraid. Audrey caught her, she tell her is ok.

At station she tell Audrey about what happen it seems start after her father died. Brian comes in and tell her that’s ok.

Audrey tell Nathan that Jackie is cut by someone it’s same time as Nathan get his feeling back, while she has strange thing happen. That guy might be able to steal it, Nathan wonder who wants to not feel anything.

At night Ian is dark suit get in the museum from fire place, he steal something. Audrey and Nathan go to check at found the old stuff board is missing, they think it’s this guy who take his and seem he can get only 1 at time.

At house Ian put the piece in this old stuff board, then the real house in Haven collapse. Audrey and Nathan go to check there, they thinks it’s takes few days to burn the house down like this.

Vince shows up and wants to talk to them, he tell them about a person who sent to prison. He create a puzzle board and he has hated with this town. He said that if the piece is put building will destroy. He said they can’t destroy the board without destroy town, but they scatter the pieces.

Next day Ian comes to see Duke, he wants him to take him out of sea. Duke notices that he has same behavior as Nathan. He try to delay him, at station Nathan found out the pieces in station where he steal ability from Jackie to scare people out.

Nathan realize Ian from list of guest in funeral, he shook his hand. Duke shows up and tell them about Ian, Brian is outside and rush to see Ian.

They tell Duke about Ian’s puzzle, but Brian is with Jackie. He is there because he wants him to lift her curse, but Ian is point gun at them. He tell him to start to boat otherwise he will kill Brian and destroy all town.

Nathan shot him, Audrey tell him he still can do good Nathan put Jackie blood on Ian. So he get his back and she lost her, now she doesn’t afraid the other anymore.

2 Audreys go to see Howard’s house where they trace the call. They found the book that she gave to him they think that Howard knows they will be here in Haven.