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Grimm Season 2 Episode 3 Bad Moon Rising

Her father try to get his daughter to see counselor, he thinks she study too much. Outside the werewolf comes to see her, 2 of them get her in her room. They kidnapped her to their place and put her in well.

Nick visit Julliete at hospital, he show her their picture. Seems she remember everything but him, he is stunning. Her doctor tell him the best for him is patient.

Hang visit his therapist doctor, he tell her that one day he shot one guy he fell down and his face start to change. He suddenly grab her, she is scare of him.

Nick takes Monroe with him to see her, she remember Monroe but still not him. He is sad and leave, she suddenly ask Monroe how they met. He sigh..

Those men get her back from the well, seems they know her parent. They upset because her father took her mother run away, they said they are happy to take her back in pack. Their eye glow.

Nick explained what they found for Adalin’s mother, seem she rich and her daughter is missing. They think they need to find her, Nick found Hank is not well. He decided to tell him the truth but before he could, Hang’s friend comes to see him. He tell them about his missing daughter.

During talks his friend turn to coyotyl, Nick asks him that is there anything they need to know ? Nick asks Monrole about them, seems they need female to complete the ritual. So they kidnapped Hank’s daughter.

Nick back to asks him, when hang go get his coffee. He tell him he knows what is him, and he is Grimm. He tells him about Lisa’s family, Hang found that they are here in Portland as mechanic. Her brother is Hayden, he got few records in system.

They go to their garage to checkout, his manager tell them he sick leave for days. They are him for address, one of Hayden men see them he rush back to warn them.

They go to check Hayden’s room, but no body there Hank found the place where he is. They go there and found them gathering there, his friend point them to Hayden.

They go to question him, his friend can’t wait barge inside to looking for her. Hang following him there, they found the pole for ritual. They found her in well, while her father can’t wait and start to fight with them. But they grab him and start to shoot at them. They takes her to hide in barn, she is panic when she see Nick.

She changed, Hank is upset he is going to shoot her. Nick stop him and tell him he’s not crazy he see her too. They are going to get them, Hayden doesn’t know Nick. He wants to come talks with them.

He comes in try to scare him but Hang is prepare and knock him down, Hang cuff him. Outside they heard the screen and his friend’s daughter run out, they run inside. They found that he is a Grimm, they surrender without said.

Outside her father fight back to one hostage him, his daughter help him and knock him down. At station they thanks Hang for help them, he tell them nothing will change between them.

Hank tell Nick that he’s glad, he sure that he’s not crazy. Tonight Nick get Julliette out the hospital, they back to their house. She still remember everything but him.