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Haven Season 2 Episode 1 A Tale of Two Audreys

Another FBI Agent Audrey show them her badge tell them Audrey is fraud. Nathan doesn’t believe her, they arrest her. The the frog rain is falling down, they hide in car.

Duke goes to ask reverend about symbol he found, then they heard kid scream his hand stuck in sewer. When pull his hand out it cover with blood, he try to call police.

Then they found that FBI agent called behind their back to Agent Howard, while they are going to take her to station. Audrey heard another sound they see swam of gnat They head to where they were and found accident.

After they help the injuries, Audrey call Howard about FBI agent. He knows nothing about this FBI.

Duke shows up and tell them about blood he found, then he though he see someone he knows in crowd. He is surprise and leave, then they see swam of flies fly out.

Nathan goes to see reverend, he tell him it’s like ten plagues of exodus. He thinks Haven is punished.

They question FBI because they thinks all happen when she comes. But then they found out that the direction of what happen follow some one in accident.

Duke found the woman he saw at his boat, she comes to offer him the job. But he is not interest now, Nathan and Audrey question the owner of car they think the plagues following him.

Nathan get call about cows died, they go to check seem the plagues is stretch more far. At station they found some people get skin burned, now they get 2 more plagues.

They think it’s TJ, they following him there. They found that gun shop sell him a gun, he tell him he hang out at the restaurant gull.

While they are looking him there, the ice is fell down. Audrey spot TJ, he escapes. Aubrey ask Duke about TJ. Seem he wants gun to protect his son from something.

They following him again, when they arrive there they see darkness cover the area. They found TJ is hidden at house with gun, Audrey and FBI go to see him.

He tell them that god try to kill him now he is going to kill his first born son, so if he died his son will live. Now they see all first born start to collapse include Nathan.

Audrey asks him if he goes any where near bibile, he tell her that he read it. Audrey tell him that because he read. She find him a book to read, when he start to read all of them are back.

It works, they leave his room.