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Grimm Season 2 Episode 2 The Kiss

Mauvais dentes attack Nick from his back, but it missed. He chase him to upstairs, but he is ambush and lost his gun. He has to fight him with bare hand, his mother show up. Both of them can get him, now he rush back to Juliette.

Nick put the potion in her eye, then they leave her room. Nick has to goes back to mill, police found the bodies of FBI and Mauvais dentes.

Nick realize that he lost his gun in the mill, he secretly get his gun back. More FBI men comes and start investigate, one of them found the dead FBI before died. She called Nick, he get rid of his phone.

At station, FBI suspects Nick about his call and their agent. Hang also suspect him something but he tell Nick that he always trust him.

His captain call to ask families about Mauvais dentes, he found that families really sent him. He tell him not to interfere.

Nick found that he is tailing by FBI, his mother tell him she will goes to see Adalin’s mother instead of him. At station FBI comes to custody Nick, Hang following him.

His captain takes this chance to Adalin’s house to get potion, his mother spot him. She goes inside to get something from her, she told her about prince in portland. They start to fight, she kill her.

At FBI, they tell him that he didn’t kill Mauvais dentes but he protect someone. Nick tell them it’s his mother, he try to convince them that now they get the man who link to murders in past. They should happy, they have no choice but release him.

He and Hang get case at Adalin’s house, Hang found out that she is Adalin’s mother. His caption found from Adalin’s mother that who can save Julliete must has pure heart, she give him potion that can do his heart pure.

He drink it all, it burn him from inside. Nick found from his mother that only Royalty who is in Portland can help her. He worry about her, because police is getting close to her. She said she will leave, he gives her the coins.

He drop her at station, but instead get on train. She steal a car, Nick goes to see Juliette at hospital again. His captain after drink the potion, he goes to see her and kiss her. She awake after he left, Nurse and Doctor are surprise Nick goes to see her. But she doesn’t remember him…