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Gotham Season 1 Episode 22 All Happy Families Are Alike

Tonight Fish is back to Gotham, Cat see her get on. While Bruce is looking for his father secret, Maroni and Falcone still at war. Polices captured both from them in cell, Gordon goes to see Barbara. She wants Lee as her trauma counselor.

Falcone is attacked by Maroni’s men. He is in hospital, Oswald goes to meet him to say good bye. He is going to kill him, Gordon comes to stop him. He asks if he can get control back, he said he needs 2 days in his safe house.

Gordon tell Harvey that he will get Falcone out before Maroni’s men here. He found Maroni’s friend coming, he is going to help Falcone out.

Commissioner show up with Maroni’s men, he tell him to get out. He refused, Commissioner tell them he’s for them now. They start to shoot at him, he killed them all. Harvey shows up and help them, he tell him he need to get Falcone, Oswald and Butch too.

They get on ambulance and get out hospital, they arrive at his safe house. They are surprising because they see Fish and her men.

Fish call Maroni to meet him, Maroni just wants Falcone’s head then she can has her territory. Maroni comes and he failed to negotiate, Fish shot him in head.

They start fight, Harvey get Falcone and Gordon out. On the escape way, Falcone tell them that he give up and wants to retried. They run out but Cat get them back, while Fish talks with them. Oswald get it the shoot at them, he chasing after her.

Lee is with Barbara, she confess her that she is the one who kill her own parents. Now she is chasing after her with big knife in her hand. She run to hide in toilet while she break in, they struggle. But finally Lee manage to knock her down, while she ‘s on her. Gordon, Harvey and Falcone come in. She tell him that she gone crazy.

Oswald found Fish, they struggle. Butch comes both of them tell them to shoot the other, Butch can’t make decision. He decided to shoot them both, he goes to sorry to fish.

Oswald knock him down from the back, he push Fish fell down the sea. He shout that he is the king of Gotham now…

Enygma starting to break out after the girl he fall in love, Kristine comes to ask about her missing boyfriend which he killed.

Bruce trash down his father work room to find the secret, he found the remote with button in one of his book. His fireplace open and leads down the the cave.