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Gotham Season 1 Episode 21 The Anvil or the Hammer

Last night Barbara was with Jason last night, at morning she is going to leave. He confess her that he was going to kill her, then he really now like her. She push him away and try to run out but she is locked.

Gordon is upset because Barbara is captured because of him, Harvey back with a boy which he claim that he see the orge. Gordon get the name Foxglove from him, Harvey said it’s secret never been same place. Gordon thinks Oswald might can help him, Harvey warn him he will own him one day.

Bruce get copy key from Cat, he sneak to Bunderslaw’s office. But he found his safe is empty and Bunderslaw show up, he tell him that he hired Reggie to check what he found. He explained him how wayne’s business run like his father did, but he found one employee there secretly tell him that his father is good man and secret.

Jason try to convince Barbara to belong to him, he show her the previous woman that he killed. She so scare and pass out, when she wakes up Jason threaten her life and ask her to tell him who she wants to kill.

Oswald plan to attack Maroni, he knews that he will has meeting in the bar (he just bought it), his assassins goes to that bar in name of Falcone. He grab the weapon that Butch hide it before, but their weapon is jam. They are get killed, Maroni will send Falcone the message.

Butch just realize that Oswald setup them up to fight each other, he said he doesn’t want to be under Falcone also.

Harvey go to Foxglove to find Jason, but before get anything he show his badge and tell them to stop. Gordon goes to ask manager about Jason, she tells him Sally knows. She shows them her face where he tortured her, from her clue they think he is at gotham royal hotel.

They go to check his room, they found all weapon he used. But nobody there, Gordon get a call from Jason. From his call they found that he drive her to her parent house, he killed them both.

Gordon and Harvey following them to her house, he found their body. Then he see Barbara, Harvey get knock down by Jason. He attack him from behind, they struggle and Jason grab Barbara as hostage.

Harvey comes from behind spook him, Gordon shot him at head. At station, they found that the war between Maroni and Falcone is begin.