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Forever Season 1 Episode 22 The Last Death of Henry Morgan

One night of the officer accidentally found roman knife, next day she found dead in park. Jo, Hanson and Lucas go check body. She doesn’t know that Henry is at Abe’s funeral, she is upset a bit.

At funeral, Henry tell Abes that Adam must pay for this. At morgue Henry check her body, he found something in her neck. And at her hand seem she is infected by old metal, she also has some power in her hand. He thinks she might handle the antique thing, she is Blair.

They go to museum, they go to check her office. Henry found where is she cut her hand. He found crate where inside he found the cloth that wrap the knife. Henry thinks this is Adam.

Henry tell Abes about dagger and gun that can killed both of them. At station Jo found that she call Griffin before night she died, Jo and Henry goes to see him. Jo asks him why Balir is there he said for authenticate, he tell them she come with dagger that kill Julius Caesar. He tell them that she left after 10 PM, before that she has dinner with her fiance

They question his fiance, he confess that he take picture of it and try to sell it. He said that his friend Xander try to mug her like thief so she doesn’t know, and she is fine after he left her. Now he’s hiding.

They go to his friend house, they found he is tortured. Henry found that he still warm, killer might be near by. They left Henry there, Xander then wake up also he notice Adam around. He asks him about dagger but seem he tell the truth. Jo comes back, Adam flee.

Henry is worried about Jo, he thinks Adam might try to killed her. He tell Abes that he will killed him first. At station Henry try to throw them off Adam, but Lucas make the connection between 2 body. Jo said now they have to back to museum.

At museum, Henry notices the guard. He following him, then he is ambush by him. He beats him down, Jo comes and stop him. She is upset he keeps lies to her.

At station they try to question him but he won’t say, Henry thinks he might need the quick cash. Henry thinks of something, he trick him to sick and lie to him that he is dying but he can help. He asks him to tell him where is dagger. He tell him and Henry tell the medical unit how to fixed him.

Jo suspicious what he did, she checked and found that Henry after dagger. He go to see Griffin. He tell him about note he get about a man who is experiment and never die. He will always come back to live, he thinks that Henry believe him.

Henry said that he will comes to take it, then they heard someone is coming. Henry grab dagger and waiting, but she is Jo. He asks her to trust him but she said not anymore, she takes knife from him.

At morgue Henry going to ask Lucas to grab knife for him, but he did for him already. Henry heads out to see Adam, Jo is following him. But she missed him, Henry goes to see Adam.

He give him the dagger and leave, Adam has gun in his hand. He shot him with that gun, he tell him that Jo will comes down see he disappear or found he dead.

He get chance when Adam near by him, he inject him with something. Adam left, but Henry dead and show up in river. Abes is waiting him there.

Adam get out the station and collapse, when he wakes up he see Henry. Doctor explained to Henry that Adam is paralyses, but his brain still work.

Jo comes to see Henry, she found his watch and his picture. She needs the explanation, Abes tell him to tell her. He said it’s a long story.