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Gotham Season 1 Episode 20 Under the Knife

Bruce ask Cat why he push Reggies, she said he’s try to kill him, kill her and kill Alfred. He wants to do but he can’t so she did, Bruce said there is a safe in buderlow’s office. Cat tell him that if she get close enough him she can steal the key.

Lee found someone in her apartment, she first see a cat then she see someone she hit him with her phone, he’s Gordon. He explained her about the orge, he wants she out but she said she will stay to help.

At club, the orge show himself to Barbara. She takes him to her place, he get his knife out. But she tell him she has no boyfriend, she thinks he will afraid of her. She said he can get out now.

Gordon and Harvey questions the detective who first investigate the orge, they found that one of the victim went to cosmetic clinic. They go to check it, outside the orge take their picture.

Bruce tell Alfred that she will invite Cat to chartiy ball at Waynes. He is a bit surprise, he asks him to send her dress too.

Gordon and Harvey back from clinic with nothing, Gordon spot the car of the orge near by. He try to run down them, next day he call him and tell him that he will kill his love. Next Gordon announce his existence on press, he said he will get him.

Harvey found that patient is suggest by Van Groot oldest family in Gotham, they think probably he is her son. They goes to check him, when they enter house they found a man is hanging. After help him, Harvey goes to check her. Gordon found her son picture all scratch the face off, Harvey found her dead.

They try to get address of his son from him but he refuse. He tell them about truth about his son, his son has ugly face. Gordon thinks the clinic make the new face for him, the doctor at clinic confirm.

At charity ball, Bruce found Bunderslaw, the orge show up to Barbara at charity ball also. Cat manage to copy the key from Bunderslaw, Cat see the orge with Barbara in the ball.

Now Gordon found the orge name is Jason, he realize that Barbara is his next target. He rush to her room, Cat confirm him that Barbara left with Jason.

Barbara is at the room with Jason, she found the room he used to tortured and kill woman. He smile to her.