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Forever Season 1 Episode 21 The Night in Question

Abes tell Henry that they found his wife who missing, now they go to see her. Jo just notices that he is missing, she get it from Lucas that he goes to small tarrytown.

Henry and Abes arrive at her house, but they didn’t found her. Her neighbor tell them that she used to be there. But one day she just gone.

Henry notices flower that he and her used to plant near by, then he notices the shallow grave. He start to dig it up, he found the remain. Police comes to scene, Jo also show up and take the case. They also found her key chain in grave, they are sure that it’s belong to her.

At morgue, they are checking the remain. They found that she is not his wife, he is very excited and goes to tell Abes. They found from missing report of towns, she is Belinda.

Henry and Jo go to see hospital who treat her, he found that Abigail is a nurse that take care her. They question old nurse about Abigail, she said she just comes and gone like that. In file it says that Teddy is one who check Belinda in that night, now he’s a judge. Henry thinks that she is in danger, so Abigail takes her in to protect her.

Henry and Jo go to check him, he tell him about Belinda. He tell them that he pick her up during the way and drop her at hospital, but he doesn’t found her anymore. When Henry see his car, he thinks he hit the motorcycle and she see it so he shutdown her.

Next day her boos complain to Jo and stop her for further investigation, Jo ask Hanson to check the survivor from motocycle. At night, Lucas came with dirt from Belinda’s grave. They takes him to their lab in house, he found the tie pin in the dirt.

Henry goes to see judge Teddy at his chamber, he remember that pin. Henry is upset and grab him, he asks what he did to the nurse. The guards come in and throw him in jail.

Jo comes to pick him next day, she asks him who is she. Then she get called, Judge Teddy comes at station. They go to see him, Jo question him. He tell her that he did hit the guy in motorcycle, but Belinda don’t wants he to expose it she afraid of his boyfriend will find out. He said her boyfriend also show up that night, then she leave with nurse.

He said that Belinda is clear that she doesn’t want to see him anymore after he killed that man. He also gives Jo the record of that guy he hit, which he stolen it.

At night Henry realize something, he goes to see Jo. He tell her about Abigail, he thinks she never left that house alive. Tonight they go to search around the house, he found the trap door to the root cellar.

They get inside to check around, Jo get Hanson on phone. He tell her that nobody signin with her that night. Jo said except cop, outside the police cop is stopping near root cellar.

In root cellar, Henry found the shirt with blood on it it’s belong to cop. Then he heard the gun cock, he found sheriff. He knows that he is Belinda’s boyfriend, he also kill and buried her. He asks him about nurse, he won’t answer. Jo comes in cuff and stop him.

Henry go to talk to him, he said it’s an accident she slip and hit her head. Henry ask him about nurse, he said he saw she go out with another guy. After that landlady comes in, Henry thinks something is wrong.

Because the road is far away, landlady should met her. From the map nearby Henry thinks she must somewhere nearby, they go to search around.

Henry found her remain, he is sure she is Abigail. He takes her remain to lab, seem she is throat cut and throw out. But Lucas found that she is cut herself, Henry thinks she try to get away from someone.

At home, Henry found that motorcyclist is Adam. He called him and asks, he tell him about that night. He is nurse by Abigail, he try to ask her to kill him so he will alive. She believe him, so he knows Henry exist. He get chance kill himself and disappear, Abigail knows he will back to find him later. When She meet him again, she trick him and run off the road, he try to best to help her. Finally she cut herself to protecting him.